Hildr Valkyrie's Releases

"Shield Brothers Of Valhalla"

Track list:
1.The Battle Valkyrie (intro)
2.All Mighty Gods
3.Valkyrjas Spoken Words
4.Father and Son
5.Thor the Thunder God
6.To Wallhall Shall Meet
7.Shield Brothers of Valhalla
8.Riding Through the Battle (outro)
9.Falkenbach Havamal Cover
10.Bathory Ring of Gold Cover

Stygian Crypt 2008

"Deceitful Fate"

Track List:
1. Long Live Honour (Intro)
2.Hail Fallen, Hail Thee Einherjar
3.Far Away Through The Mountains
5.Baldurs Tod (Falkenbach cover, Vocal Version)
6.An Ode To AllFather Odhinn
7.The Tears
8.The Everlasting Battle
9.Valkyries Came To The Battle That Day
10.Valhallas Great Hall / Farewell

Self-financed 2004